Drawing from various historical materials, accounts of early explorers, and local sources including folktales and local traditions, as well as a number of historical artifacts, this article discusses the imprint of Cheng Ho (Zheng He) and the legacy of Chinese Muslims in Java, especially in pre and early Dutch colonial era.

This study shows that Chinese Muslims had indeed contributed to the spread of Islam and the shape of Muslim cultures in Indonesia, forming what so-called “Sino-Javanese Muslim Cultures”. Unfortunately, however, due to political and ideological reasons, their contributions were neglected and devalued by the New Order government. This article tries to describe and explain this historical legacy, dynamics, and development.

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Artikulli paraprakPerlukah Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia Mengimpor Dosen Asing?
Artikulli tjetërReconciliation from Below: Indonesia’s Religious Conflict and Grassroots Agency for Peace
Antropolog Budaya di King Fahd University, Direktur Nusantara Institute, Kontributor The Middle East Institute, Kolumnis Deutsche Welle, dan Senior Fellow di National University of Singapore.


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